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Move Meta is a movement for the world’s greatest joy: Self-love.
Few ever find it – we open spaces so that everybody can.

Move Meta brings people together, to feel self-love and let it grow. For this, we simply speak about ourselves – by three special principles. That is when the magic happens: Taking part in Move Meta means instantly loving yourself. Our evenings are like sunshine for the heart: We focus the power to love ourselves on this very moment, to inspire and grow with one another. And thus, people start to blossom.

Everybody can learn to love themselves: Love is an activity, and Move Meta is its lobby. Together, we open up unique spaces, where everyone can unfold their most beautiful self. Thus, we achieve self-love much faster than alone. We started in 2014 in Bochum, Germany, and already meet in three German cities. Our concept for these meetings is quite simple. It only consists of our Three Principles:

  • I accept everyone unconditionally, including myself. (Unconditionality)
  • Love is an activity. (Activity)
  • Everybody is responsible for their own feelings. (Self-responsibility)

These Three Principles are the source and basis of my own self-love. Thanks to them, and thanks to Move Meta, today I feel: I love myself. Do you want to experience this, too? Then come join us! It works, where ever and whoever you are. We are an independent social movement, free and open for everyone, without leaders or hierarchy. Everyone can start their own group, and carry our movement further.

To find out more and let me help you start your own group, get in touch with me. (Also, if you want to help translate this website into your language!) You can also visit our German subsite for further inspiration. All my love to you, and all the best for your life.

– Manuel Fritsch, founder of Move Meta and its first local community in Bochum, Germany.


  1. Ni October 5, 2015 at 19:07


    Hey there,
    I’m the stranger in black with no candy that approached you when you were doing your *Free Hugs* social experiment in Bochum.

    Was really interesting talking to you. I suppose we could collaborate on future events. I may have some strange ideas.

    You won’t get a second chance of a first impression.

    So make it count!

    You can also look me up on FB (use my email). 😉


    • Manuel Fritsch October 5, 2015 at 22:51


      Dear Ni,
      you know how to reach me 🙂 I am always excited to experiment with ideas. You are right, the first impression counts.
      Looking very much forward to hearing from you! Let’s change this world together!


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